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good first handgun?

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i am looking for a good first gun. something not too expensive, but something i can use for home defense and fun at a range. i would want something with good stopping power, but dont know if for a newb a .40 or .45 would be over the top. :?:
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I bought a Glock 26 a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. It's a compact 9mm, Fits great in my hands.

The best advice that I can give you is to find a range that rents guns and try a few out.
I'm a .40 lover myself. The new .45GAP is a great round too, but it's pricey.

I have a Glock G27 for backup carry/off-duty carry/home defense.

I'd recommend a Glock 22 or 23, unless you're looking for a CCW gun, then I'd say G27.

Like awilson said, shoot a bunch, then do like we all did, and buy a Glock because they're the best :wink: But definitely shoot a 9mm, a .40, a .45ACP, and a ,45GAP to get the feel of what you can handle, and shoot well.
I'm a glock fan myself, so I'll recommend you a good reliable pistol. Glock 17 is a nice full sized 9mm pistol, its really reliable, pretty accurate, and wont break the bank.
this would be a ccw also. sorry i forgot to mention that in my first post.
I always fall back to a nice heavy-barrled .22 for a first gun. They are very cheap to purchase.
You can really hone your skills and practice good shot placement too without worrying about kick and the costs of .45 rounds. You'll feel much better you went this route later on when you start shooting big stuff.

If you are past this point (already have experience?), you may want to go to an indoor range where you can rent guns. Its a great way to find the right gun that just feels right.

As far as caliber goes.....I'm not going to be the first one on this board to start the never-ending argument of which caliber is best. Personally, I like .45's for home defence and competitive IDPA shooting. I have owned everything from .22 target pistols to a .50 Desert Eagle hand canon. I always come back to a .22.

Mndfusion said:
a heavy 9mm auto or a .22 lr.
meh, I'd stay away from 22lr...unless you want a practice gun, then go for it, it's cheap ammo and a great way to learn to ride and supress recoil. for personal defense though, I like a little more punch.
I agree with the .22 being a good first pistol. It's something to learn with, and it will get you accustomed enough to move up in calibers once you're comfortable.

There are many good reliable guns on the market. Many people really like Glock, I'm an H&K fan myself. My H&K and sig have both been very reliable and accurate. If your planning on spending plenty of time at the range to be proficient(which i hope you do), A 9mm will be much cheaper to shoot. I no longer own a 9mm, but they make great starter pistols. I hope this helps a little.
ok i have been looking around while at work and have found 3 or 4 i like. i found 2 kel-tec a 9mm and a 380. also found a taurus millenium .45 and a springfield armory .45. of those i was thinking the kel-tec 9mm or 380 would be a nice gun. any info on a 380? ammo power and whatnot? by the way the p11 is the 9mm model and the p3at is the 380.
I just bought my first handgun as well. Did all the research I could, and about the only for sure thing I found was that there is no "best" first gun. There are so many things that are up to personal preference. Find a place that rents guns, or friends that have different guns they will let you shoot. And shoot everything you can get your hands on and decide what you like.

I wanted a semi auto, even though some say to get a revolver for your first just because they're much simpler. But I'm a mechanical type of guy and revolvers just don't interest me like semi-autos do. So I tried a few.... Tried a Glock, and then I tried a Springfield XD. It just fit and I liked it, it's comfortable in my hand and seems to go where I point it. We put 150 rounds through it the other day when I picked my new one up. I'm a rookie shooter and first time out with this gun. I put 30 consecutive rounds though the 4" circle at 7 yards which I know isn't a lot of distance, but I'm a rookie... I thought it was prettty damn good.
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one thing to remember is you will not find a good answer for that question. It's the same thing as asking what kind of car should I buy. Everyone will have their own answer. The best thing to do is goto a range and try different makes, models, sizes, and calibers. Try the 9mm .40 .357sig and .45. As far as pistols go i only have HK and Sig pistols, very well built, very solid, the glocks feel cheap to me. I also personally like the .40 and the .357 sig. You have remember you may have to use this gun to depend on your life, so dont cheap out on it. The next best thing to do is research, read anything and everything about the guns you are looking at. Look for unbiased reviews, thats the best.
i dont really thing the round type matters just cause your new to guns, it all comes down to picking the right gun that fits your hand and triger finger.

i bought a stainless USP .45 and i dont think there is much difference in recoil from that and my ruger p89TH 9mm.

but then again h&k USP's do have a "recoil reduction system" that i feel helps reduce recoil substantially.

just remember the difference between a box of .22 and a box of .45 ammo when picking a gun :twisted:
I would recomend a GLOCK as well.

Although my 1st gun is a Baby Eagle .45SCP another very reliable gun but a little on the heavy side but helps with recoil. Made in Isreal so another garanteed quality reliable gun. Magnum Research Inc. is the Co that makes it. Greta gun has more kick they teh Glock Model 23 which my brother has but is a sweet gun.

Glock are Reliable & wouldn't worry about buying one used. They can take so much abuse & hardly ever have any problems. You can fire a million rounds through it never clean it & it will still shoot.

What just about every Cop uses.

Get one used & have confidence because it will work.

Personal favorite Model 23 which is a .40

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I would recommend a gun with an external safety, so that you get used to having to use one. Its easier to go from a gun with a safety to one without instead of the other way

FInd a gun that fits your hand and has a manual of arms that makes sense.

Then go shoot lots and lots of rounds
Your first gun should be a .22, period.

Unless you need to use it right away for self defense, in that case go for .38 or larger caliber, and get a .22 as soon as you can afford it.

If you are new to shooting and pick up a light gun in a heavy caliber you will develop a flinch that will take a LOT of work to overcome.
I am pretty new to guns, but I do work at a gun shop and I asked the guys there the same question. They suggested to me that I start with a glock or an xd. I personally prefer the look and feel of the xd. I love how they have the grip safty. (that was one of the things I liked about the 1911). I also like that little pin that shows in the back when it is cocked ready to fire. and I personally think the one with the barrel that has the holes in the top of the barrel to help with recoil were a pretty cool addition to an already awesome gun.

They also suggested to me that I start with a 9mm so I can get used to hard kicking guns and because it is cheaper than the rest. I was already passed the .22 stage, cause I always am shooting those.

But like I said. this is my personal prefence. I would do what everyone else seems to be telling you and try as many different models and calibers as you can at rental places before you buy. every gun has it's advantages and disadvantages. Plus, the more comfortable a firearm feels in your hand the better you will shoot with it. it all comes down to that.

Well there is my advice. take it for what it's worth.
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Steyr M9/M40 can be had for 300 on closeout now. Basically an updated Glock designed by a man who designed teh original G17's fo Glock and later moved companies

Walther p38/P1- Solid, accurate, and has teh vintage look. Can be had in excelletn shape for under 300 (when disc in 97 the list was over 700)
BTW...I own both of the above and love both. You can seriously shoot accurately at 100 yards with them. I did just today.
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