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Going to the gun show. (looking for AR advice)

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Im wanting to buy a complete AR lower because I want to start getting one put together but I dont have $1000 to spend all at once. I know Rock River is good but I wonder what other brands I should be happy with. (DPMS,Bushmaster, ect...)
I also haven't decided yet between the compact M4 type or a more long range bull barrel type. What kind of range and accuracy can you get with a long bull barrel? Im thinking .223 of course though id like to get a .308. I believe the complete lower comes with a stock so I need to decide which way im going to go (telescoping or standard stock). About how much do you think a complete lower will go for at a show?
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Well, DPMS, Rock River Arms, Bushamster and stag are alll good. If you want a lower tho dont use Rock River Arms, there to tight and dont fit most uppers. You can get a stripped lower for 99 bucks, a complete lower without stock is $165 with is $225.

DPMS does make some 16 inch bull barrels that shoot quite nicely. Like I tell everyone, the "Evil type setup such as M4's are going to be under alot of pressure in the next years so get them now! Next... If you plan on shooting any cheap/military/WOLF/affordable ANYTHING get a 5.56 barrel! Unless you plan on shooting super dooper shoot the hair on a flee 600 yards away with expensive 223 ammo always go with 5.56 barrels in guns you plan on shooting alot of cheap ammo in. Its 223 in a 5.56 barrel's ok but 5.56 in a 223 barrel = bad I shot about 4000 rounds of 5.56 in my old post ban 223 and nothing happened but it can and does happen.

As for long range barrels I dont do to many long range ones and the ones I do I just get a finished upper online with a NM bolt slap it on there with an upper buffer on it and done.

Lastely if you can find a good deal on one at the show thats not olympic arms get it! But if you want to take your time and sit up up how you want it build it from a upper.

Excuse the spelling errors, I just woke up...
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