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GOD! WHY WONT HIMNAN 4 come out Already!!!

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I can't wait any longer!!! DAMNIT!
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because eidos is one of those companies that will rarely let a game out that isent FUCKIN DONE YET!


but im in the same boat you are... in fact, i went and installed hitman 2 and 3 yesterday.... but it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as i had hoped.
I should go hitman on them!!!
You have the briefcase already. All you need to add to that is some piano wire.
im actually kinda stoked about this one.. everything looks "right"

no azn squinty hitman etc... :laugh:
Counting the days!
gonna be nice, tip toeing around as that big palooka... :laugh: :laugh:
I'm not looking forward to it. Because, I'm sure I'll be losing my Daniel to the other world (gaming, that is).

I would really look forward to it if I didn't have to work and could just stay home and help Daniel play through it. :D

Damn it all.
At least I can play through the new Zelda with him if it EVER comes out. *CACKLE*
At least now I know someone else is looking forward to the new Zelda game. I've been hooked on those games since the first one for NES.
Zelda ownes. x 10000
Personally I can't wait for The Sims: Big Stupid Death Party.

Actually, that's kind of just the way I play it until I get overrun with ghosts. :p
alright, I am going to go pick this up when it comes out.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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