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Glocks are hard core!

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Not sure if this is old news or not. Worth a repeat for what this thing went through. :D
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All I had to see was the AR15 in the URL. :p

- Janq
I've seen it before but it shows you how good and reliable they are.
I personally despise teh USP so I was glad that a design almost 15 years older was more reliable.

The USP is a good target gun dont get me wrong, but they are overpriced, and for me they dont fit my hand nearly as nice as othe guns 2/3 the price.
i like both USP's and Glocks.....Glocks more just cause that was the 1st hand gun i ever shot
That article was what made me buy a glock. :)
I like USP's. My only problem with H&K is they don't show much interest in the civilian market. Don't like the feel of glocks, I don't know what it is they just feel cheap. No doubt they're reliable but I just don't like the feel of them.

That test just shows the glock has looser tolerances. Which I guess could be argued is by design to facilitate reliability.

Keep them clean and they're both reliable. Shoot nonstandard ammo and the glock blows up. :wink:
Put an aftermarket barrel in the glock and you can shoot whatever you want in them. The Glock may be built to loose tolerances but the G17L has won more than its fare share of shooting competitions against a ton of "tighter" built models.

I am not a Glock man. I am a Walther and Steyr man all the way. But I dont think glocks feel cheap. Now S&W Sigmas feel cheap.
I just think most plastic guns feel cheap. The H&K's are the only ones I've fired that I liked, don't know why.
Ever shoot a Walther P99 or a Steyr M series?
Neither, just glocks, h&k's and XD's. I've handled most of them(never a steyr), but have only fired those 3. I did like the feel of the walthers though. Been wanting to get a 22 for plinking/cheap practice, will probably take a serious look at the P22.
The only gun that' I've ever handled that felt "cheap" was a steel one, oddly. Think it was a jennings- the work just felt like crap. I consider myslef to be a pretty mechanically sympathetic guy, and glocks don't feel "cheap" to me at all. Neither did a Sig P239 I owned, nor any other plastic pistol I've handled.
Ben said:
I just think most plastic guns feel cheap. The H&K's are the only ones I've fired that I liked, don't know why.

I've tried a whole bunch of times since HS but I've yet to handle a Glock that liked my hand and aim. Obviously it's not the gun as many do damn fine with them. Just not me.
A conventional grip is better and a thin 1911 grip is best, for me.

I'd like to give an XD a try in ,45 and 9MM.

- Janq
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