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GLOCK: the best of the best

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i was hoping that i would find a few fella glockers here on gunatics.. i know when someone makes statements, like glocks are the best, etc etc, it sparks debate and that is healthy and fine. to each his own.. however, in my experiences, nothing compares to a glock on many levels; primarily durability. i dont know about others on here, but i am a proud and lawful CCW permit holder. my rig consists of a G26 subcompact 9mm, in an ultra deep concealment IWB glaco holster, 10 rounds + 1 in the chamber, an additional 10 rounds magazine on my belt, and a 33 round magazine nearby. (another plus of the G26, it takes all glock mags!) here is my rig.

glock fan? yea you are correct!

G26 glock carbine. yea its killer!!!! :D
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Yeah, I'm a huge glock fan... Not because it's the thing to be, but because they have proven to be the greatest pistols for me. I used to be a huge sig fan until I had a few bad apples perform like crap.... I want a pistol that is going to fire when I pull the trigger regardless of anything, and Glock provides that barnone.

Good to see you on the board man, welcome. :)
bruce, thanks man. thanks for the great forum. i will get a bunch of fellas here on all the other forums i am on if ya want... mainly glock talk.. u on there?

yea i agree. i dont care if cops carry them, etc... glocks have been the best for me, thats why i carry them. end of story.
It all depends on what you are going to use the gun for and how it fits your hand. I personally don't like glocks, they shoot fine, but I don't like the grip angle or the trigger, and the slide so fat its like driving a bus
Glocks are good....Steyr is better. Designed by the same guy who wanted Gaston Glock to add some basic improvements to the design(better ergonomics, optional manual safety, better sights) and was told to hit teh road. Steyr happily bought the "improved glock" and it is teh new M series of which I own.

However I shall always be a Walther fan. The most underated firearms company around.
I have a G22 and a G26 (my carry gun) They work fine, they shoot good but they just don't feel right in my hand. They just don't feel the way my 226 and revolution do in hand.
jeremy you carry the 26 as well huh? i cant believe it doesnt feel good to you. for me, and all glock subs, they fit my hand better than any gun i have carried and i have carried many... people dont seem to get it... the glock subs are NOT made to have mag extensions!!!! if you do that you might as well get the 19 or 23!!!! the subs are made to have your pinky finger on the bottom of the mag baseplate!!!! ihave never had a mag extension on any of my subs and if i feel one that has one, it feels odd to me now... just my 2 cents.
I just have standard mags, it more the grip size and angle that don't fight right. I have a G22 also and its just the same. I have a weird hand size and glock grips just aren't right to me. I carry the g26 becuase even though I don't like it I feel it's the best gun for the job and the price was right lol
jeremy, you make a crucial mistake while CCWing man.... "i carry the G26 EVEN THOUGH I DONT LIKE IT...." if you dont like it or it doesnt feel right for you, i would highly suggest getting another weapon. then sell me your G26!!! :laugh: i can never have enough of the G26...
I don't put hundreds of rounds a week through it like i do my Sig. I can live with it not feeling right. That doesn't mean I'm not confident with it. I have no doubts in the G26 preformance or anything. It's the right size for summer carry. For formal dress and winter I can get away with my 226
ahhh ok now i gotcha. the 226 is a good gun as well, my only thing with sigs is that they are not small enough for me to conceal... the glock subs are perfect for CCW so thats why the 26 is my daily carry piece.
Problem with mini autoloaders is that they are hard to draw and hold properly in a hurry. Its too easy to hold it wrong and get a jam of some sort. Smallest gun I have that I would carry is my Walther pp.
adler, not sure what you mean by "mini autoloaders.." :? never heard them called that before but anyways. jams are not caused by the gun 98% of them time, if we are talking about my G26, still. it is from limpwristing or not holding the gun firmly. as for you, well, you may not be able to grip the sub compact firearms well. i can. i have never had a FTF or FTE in any glock i have ever owned! i have had over 50,000 rounds through one G26 and no FTE/FTF. its all on the shooter when it comes to glock. the gun is going to function the way its supposed to.
Problem is that under stress you are in a hurry to defend youself and with adrenaline you may not be able to pull out your gun fast and properly and this is an issue with carrying amini glock or other small autoloader. If you practicve enough it will not be a problem but for most people they are not a good idea.
Most people don't practice their draw anyways and very few practice drawing in the manner they ccw.
Ducman said:
Most people don't practice their draw anyways and very few practice drawing in the manner they ccw.

And thats a big mistake and all the reason in the world to buy a wheelgun. Its idiot proof.
Adler said:
Its idiot proof.
Idiot resistant. Idiots have their ways of finding ways to bollocks up the simplest operations. It's quite ingenious, actually. Which leads one to wonder if they are really idiots after all...

Damn Yankee said:
no one here likes Glocks.

LMAO. i do. so ha! :twisted:
Damn Yankee said:
no one here likes Glocks.


My friend was set on getting an HK USP Tactical (He lives in Vermont) but I talked him into getting a Glock 21 instead. He's a pistol n00b and just wanted the HK because of the name, nothing else really... I basically explained that the HK was $1,200 Vs. $500 (Glock), so the HK better damn well give me 2 times more pleasure than the G21 for that damn price... I could buy a custom 1911 for that! After all, it is a polymer pistol with some extra features that isn't as reliable as it's Austrian friend Glock.
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