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A thread featured today at which I though you folks might like to be in on...

Ping Ping of said:

Here are some pics of the most violent kaboom I've ever witnessed. The gun is devasted, but thankfully the hand it was in is intact. Both cases are shocking. The chamber opened up three inches, the bbl split all the way to the muzzle in three places. The slide was bulged and the top front of the ejection port was peeled up and back, 3/4". The trigger group disintigrated (last pic), guide rod broken, backstrap plug blown out, mag lips mangled and frame rails bent inward.

This was not my gun, but that of a shooting buddy. It was a 22 in .40 S&W. The bbl was Storm Lake.
Rest in peace.

Ping Ping said:
Originally Posted by Blackeagle View Post
Any idea what happened? Based on the level of damage, maybe a double charge or obstructed barrel?
You cannot get enough powder into a cartridge to do this much damage, so double charge was ruled out immediately. Glocks, 1911s and others are able to withstand a double charge. Short of a double charge AND a major flaw in the bb, bbl obstruction is the only reasonable explanation. Even metal flaw in the bbl would not explain the damage to the slide. My hypothesis was a primed, uncharged cartridge. The primer going off sent the bullet into the bbl and the subsequent rd did the deed. The owner of the gun was observing the target (10yds) and swore he saw all prior shots hit. No one will ever be 100% certain.

The shooter was terrified and immediately went into minor shock. Thankfully, I had a thermos full of ice water to apply to the hand immediately. He had no surface wounds and xrays showed no bone trauma.
Ping Ping said:
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Right now, I'm feeling extra special about the Storm Lake barrel I'm awaiting for my G23.
Not to worry. That was not that bbl's first day at the range. IMO that would have happened no matter what bbl happened to be in the gun. Yes, the hallowed glock bbl too. It had nothing to do with the gun. It had to do with load and caliber.
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dammit why does this happen when i have my mind set on a glock 19
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