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Glock 30?

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so does anyone have first hand experience with said G30?

i am considering trading my G27 in on one and wanted to hear what everyone had to say bout it
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Feels nice in the hand, and I've been told that people get slide bite from it for some reason.

I've never shot one though.
Old post but what the hell. I got a G30 about a month ago and I absolutely love it. One thing I will say though, you better have big hands because it has a very thick grip (necessary for a double-stack .45). About 500 rds through it so far with no issues other than it seems to be shooting a little high.
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I don't have really big hands, but love the 30. Ideally I'd keep my G26 for a majority of my range time. Id probably run 2 mags through the 30 each visit to the range and us it as my primary carry weapon.

I admit it is a little harder to conceal and carry the 30. It is a little fatter and it is also a little heavier.
30 here, 30 there

here a 30

there a 30

damn - looks like i am going to have to try this 30 afterall
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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