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semabe said:
Yeah, the size of the gun isn't an issue. I like the weight alot.
As far as the G21 failures go, I've heard 2 stories from my friends at the LAPD. 1, that it's a maintenence issue, not a gun failure, and 2 that it was an ammunition problem. Having seen the G21 torture test results, I'm not inclined to think that thing has ANY design flaws.

Now, that being said, as I understand it, the 22 is more accurate and easie r to bring up on target and re-aquire during target shooting, a fact that might make it a good home D gun. Also, the bullets don't drop as much over distance due to the higher veolcity/lower weight of the slugs.

Eh, mebbe I'll buy both.
Well why don't you buy me one while you're at it Daddy Warbucks!
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