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ok, Mr gay rights activist. no where was it implied that gay solders are less effective then straight solders. im no rocket scientist but if the person next to me becomes overwhelmingly attractive, i cant fight. not fight less effectively, not fight entirely. and you, little lesbian college student. don't make this shit to be more then it is. its not offensive that a military that does not allow gay people would consider something regarding sexual orientation as a weapon, or a means to combat an enemy.

i heard about this this morning on a radio show i listen to on the way to work. i actually called in to comment on the lunacy. i have yet to fathom a scenario where this is a worthy alternative in battle. even if it worked ideally, how would it possibly be a less then lethal alternative. consider;

Scenario A: slightly gay
Well this is right out. slightly gay people do not screw like drugged bunnies and would essentially be useless. they would simple 'be gay' in there off time and fight like normal soldiers

Scenario B: Insta gay with uncontrollable gay tendencies - 1 day duration
the bomb drops, within minutes the enemy is feeling the effects and terrible trance/house music starts to crescendo in the distance behind enemy lines. everyone is gay, we drop our guns and do like the animals do. great, what about tomorrow? drop another? how many days of consecutive gayness will the Geneva Convention allow? when that time is up, guess what, killing, low and behold is the only alternative. shoulda had conventional ordinance on that aircraft from the start.

Scenario C: Insta gay with uncontrollable gay tendencies - forever
Lets face it, anything between 1 day and forever and your essentially in the same pot above. could you posibly emagine? i think death by bullet would be better. and im IN NO WAY AGAINST GAY PEOPLE! if we REALLY need to get into 'my gay friend repetua' let me know, i have sources and can esily qualify this. but with the implied effects you would have a couple thousand guys fucking each other in the ass until death. weather it be exhaustion, mal nourishment, or excessive bleeding ile leave up to your imagination. but come on! why even fuckin bother? we are WAY outside the realm of "less then lethal" at this particular juncture.

Scenario D: you dont wana know scenario D, but im gana tell you cuz its funny. - gun = gay
ok, stick close now cuz it gets a little loopy here. lets say, by the grace of something cosmic we have scientists so attuned to the 'gay' chemical this hole apparatus is based on, that we can actually tie the release of said chemical to a physical object once the 'subject' ha been exposed. so, naturally you tie it to a gun. enemy pics up a gun BAM! insta gay, consult Scenario C.

sadly, the long term effects and the 'falling into the wrong hands' movie scenario are far more frightening then anything thus far.

Scenario D is my worst nightmare

/condones the use of such device on Westboro Baptist Church members

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Jakes02 said:
the sunshine project, lol
Yeah....this whole thing is just funny as hell!!!!
What caps it though is that it's for real and serious....and that dumbasses are scared/concerned about as much.

It's okay to spray a bitch in the eyes with mace or pepper's okay to beat them with rubberized 'restraint sticks' and metal's okay to bomb the fuck out of them with JDAMs and napalm...but OMG build a bomb that drops Crystal Light crystals mixed with Chanel No. 5 all over the enemy getting them hot & thirsty and BOOOM!!...that's a problem for the bitches in Berkeley.

I say build it, use it, and drop them bitches every week.
This falls under psychological ops and it would be quite useful, although it probably wouldn't work on French people.
As to concerns about gays in the military and such the Canadians, French, Germans, and English amongst other developed and progressive countries have had no problems being fully integrated...never mind that grab assery and gay like activity does not and has not occured in the military anyway. For a recent example watch 'Jarhead'. That whole movie is one big bang of teh gay.

I say seriously develop it and make it work for realz.
Folks are too uptight about this gay stuff anyway.

- Janq

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You can give it to me when I need to come along. Sexbomb sexbomb you're my sexbomb...And baby you can turn me on." - Tom Jones, 'Sexbomb'
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