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OK before you guys go off the deepend of you love of airsoft gas guns. You first have to get a collection like this guy Sniperx on the forums.

This dude knows a crapload about all gas airsoft guns. He runs a machine shop in OC and fabricates a bunch of reliabilty/upgrades for these types of guns.

SniperX said:
Top left down:
Asahi Wa2000
Marushin Mauser
GBB SVD Dragunov
Asahi M40/M24 with real hand made HS precision stock custom made for Asahi (*bow* thank you thank you)
Custom Tanio Koba 10/22
Custom GBB Aks74u
Maverick M88 Shotgun
Custom metal KSC M93r

Rare JAC M3a1 BattleMaster Suppressor version
Asahi Sterling L2a3
Custom one of a kind Asahi powered PPSH
Smokey RPG-7 (modded to use vortex footballs)
WA Beretta

Left top down:
Asahi 249 with box
KTW Ithaca with CAW custom grip
Asahi M60e3 Super Deluxe
GBB Escort Tuned YE Mp5a5 (available for sale)
GBB Custom tuned and silenced Escort MP5sd6 (available for sale)
One of a kind SP M16a2 SN:00097 all our custom upgrades (for sale)
FTC Specre M4 with rare metal stock
Maruzen VZ61
KSC Mk23 with SD slide, tuned springs, CAW tuning, REAL wilcox IR lam unit

Total: 25000.00 (not counting trips to Japan).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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