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As far as I know the old Glock 18's dont have rails, But dont they make a conversion for them like a clip on rail or something?

that is cool tho :) I have wondered about being able to machine a mount to mount a pistol to a rifle foregrip, not that would be totaly legal unless you get it as a SBR but it would be the niceist forward grip ever made!

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Yeah airsoft world all Glock 18c's are railed. My bad.

If you can scope mount the hand gun, you can use an R.I.S. coupler like this:

I kinda like the funky way the guy did in the vid tho. Seemed to help with recoil.

Edit- Looking at it again looks like that rig was setup to help not interfere with the magazine on the Mp5. Very nicely done.

(If you have a Simmons Blazer 40mm - 45mm Reddot, it has a usable coupler already ;) I would questions its' strength)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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