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FS: Sig Sauer P229 w/ extras

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For sale is one Sig Sauer P229 with the factory, but polished, .40 barrel.

A Sig short-trigger is installed on the pistol along with Meprolight tritium night sights. Both the original trigger and sights will be sold with the gun.

Included with the firearm is a Bar-Sto .357 sig conversion barrel, all you need if you'd like to shoot .357 sig from the pistol as well. Also included is an uncle mikes OWB kydex belt holster, 3 12rd mags, 2 clinton mags and the original Sig plastic hard case included as well.

The 3 12rd mags have been "pimped out" with a red china marker. Picture below. I can remove this colored lettering at no extra cost.

$750 OBO, shipped to your FFL of choice for the lot. Buyer pays transfer fee at his FFL of choice. Will ship .357 barrel/mags/holster/factory trigger/factory sights separately to your home or work address so they don't go through more hands than necessary and get "lost" for the same price.

Check with your local laws before making an offer. Will not sell if in violation.

Edited to Add: Less than 1200 rounds through the gun, maybe 300 of which were fired from the .357 Sig barrel. Reason for selling? I haven't gone to the range in a year. When I do, I enjoy shooting my rifles more than handguns so I stick with with a brick of .22lr and a box of WWB 9mm to keep up to snuff with my carry piece to be, my G19. Its just more economical for a college student. I figure I might as well sell the Sig and pay off the remaining balance on my CC.
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how about - would you seperate and part from the extra high cap mags and barrel?

if so let me know what you want for them
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