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FS in CA: Albanian SKS

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I have a 1978 Albanian SKS purchased from AIM when their very first batch came in. It is NRA VG condition. Bore is free of rust and pitting, although it could use a could cleaning, it will definately clean up very nicely. Bluing is good throughout the gun except on the receiver cover, which has some wear. The stock has a few dings. Everything matches, check the pictures.

I am in Northern California
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I was waiting for someone to say that. Its not cosmoline, the cosmoline is all gone. I sprayed it down with gun oil after I degreased it.
I am glad you think so, but there really isn't anything on the rifle. It just looks that way in the photos.
In fairness I am looking for a local sale. I do not get much time to play with my rifles and I have had problems with some rusting in the past. If you saw it in person, you would not complain. And what real collector associates a shiny top down look with a high price? If I get time tomorrow, I will take the gun out into natural light and wipe it down and take some pictures. This way we can move the thread futher away from the intended purpose, and raise our post counts, to boot.

It is said that only 18,000 were made, and some 8,000-5,000 were imported. I am sorry you do not like that I want 350 for a rifle I (perhaps even you) paid 159 for, but such is the going rate. I have sold many rifles for less than market value, and I would to get (and probably will get) top dollar out of this one.
i'm in hayward. If you want I can wipe it down and take some more pictures of the gun. Some real shiny ones.
DJ 9iron said:
Asking $350 for nearly the same rifle I paid $160 for in nicer "looking" condition.
I missed that the first time I replied. Please get your facts straight before you try and ruin another FS thread. Albanians versions are very rare. Allan's Armory recently had a few that they were selling for $400. Also matching guns regularly sell for $350+ on the auction sites.
Its not, it was just oiled up. I put decosmolined a romanian and put it away in a safe a while back and it rusted. I thought I did everything right then, but I did not. This time I was just making sure. I wanted to put it for sale for a while, and I was able to borrow a camera so I pulled it out and took some pictures. I had some more time today so i took it apart and gave it a good cleaning. The thread turned into something else, but I would not worry. At this point, there is probably only one member on this board that would be interested in purchasing this gun.
I put it here (i know the owner from grade school) and calguns. I put it on surplusrifleforum, and it will probably be sold today. I've sold two other guns there and one sold in a few hours and one sold in seven minutes.

we should get this thread moved to OT
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