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FS:CA Glock 23 $450obo

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Like it says a glock 23. 2 mags and whatever else came in the original box. I haven't shot it yet bought it new about 9 mos. ago $450obo
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I'll give you a stale hollow chocolate Easter bunny, a parking ticket, and a CitiBank beach towel for it.
Make it a solid chocolate Easter bunny, a Wamu beach towel, and the left hand of the ghoul in your avatar and we might work it out.
The left hand was sold on Ebay already. Could I intrest you in a toe or three?
Thats a great price for a BRAND NEW pistol. I'd jump on it if I needed one.
i just found the ghouls left hand on craigslist for $16 bucks!

Already flagged it down just in case:wag:-nose nuggets
glock 23

I live in fremont and would like to buy your glock do you have pics?
I can put them up in about an hour. Do you know what dealer you would like to use?
re glock

yeah its called irvington arms in fremont ca.
put some pics up or email them to me at [email protected]
glock 23

looks nice why dont you start emailing me the details of the transaction so we can work this out.
[email protected]
If this hasn't yet sold, I want it. I come home from college on the 19th, but I'm in Seattle. Would you be willing to ship to an FFL?

I want a .40 S&W for my first gun, and this looks like one of the best buys/values my poor ass can afford.

I'm about a month late... good deal to Skullguy..i'm assuming he picked this up.
Powersauce said:
good deal to Skullguy..i'm assuming he picked this up.
No, I did. Not too sure if it's a good deal or not. I have a G30 that is in better shape which I put about 300 rounds through. It is a nice gun either way. I wanted a G23 and it fits the bill.

It's cool, I'll still shoot the shit out of it, unless I run into trouble(s).
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