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After dinner on a whim I decided to shoot over to the S&W range with only 30 minutes to closing and ran a mini training session for myself as I likely won't have time to shoot this weekend nor early next week.
Also there's nothing better than being alone amongst open lanes. :)

On my way out I came across several flyers one of which I thought I'd post up here as it's ultimately applicable to not just the NESIC area but AZ and ID too.
The flyer reads as the following...

Smith & Wesson Shooting Sports Center

FREE Introduction To Shooting
Learn Firearm Safety & Take Your First Shots

Wednesday, April 26 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Smith & Wesson Shooting Sports Center
299 Page Boulevard Springfield, MA

Pre-Registraion required, call (413) 846-6400
Visit to learn more

If you go to the website they offer a brief easy to read and understand ADD friendly review of this simple program.
Additionally they offer links toward some handy links...

* Introduction to Action Shooting (movie):

* Find A Place To Shoot:

* National Shooting Sports Foundation - Safety & Education

Pass this information on to friends & family or take advantage of it yourself.

- Janq
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