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As reported by The Register-herald (WV):

Free advanced gun safety class will be offered April 7

Published: March 22, 2007 10:23 pm

Bev Davis
The Register-Herald Senior Editor

Sophia Police Chief Bob McComas will offer a free advanced gun safety class at 10 a.m. Saturday, April 7, at the Sophia firehouse.

The class is primarily for women who already have a concealed weapons permit, but men can attend, along with anyone who wants to know how to handle a gun safely and responsibly.

“We are going to focus primarily on deadly encounters and what to do in different types of situations,” McComas said. “I will have a car in the firehouse, and we will go over everything from what to do if you’ve stopped at a red light and forgotten to lock your door and someone gets into your car to how to handle a potentially deadly situation in the parking lot or in your home.”

The daylong course will involve videos and hands-on scenarios, role play and class discussion.

“We will walk through different situations and talk about what the best options are for those encounters,” McComas said. “I want people to leave here prepared to defend themselves and protect their loved ones.”

The former state trooper and National Rifle Association instructor said he believes every citizen should be armed legally.

“I’d like to see every responsible citizen have a concealed weapons permit and know how to save their own life or someone else’s in a deadly encounter,” he said. “If you don’t know how to do that, you can wind up as a statistic.”

Police departments are short-staffed and overworked, and the time it takes for a law enforcement officer to reach a person in trouble is too long to ensure that person’s survival, he said.

“If you have several deadly encounters going on in a county at the same time, there’s no way they can get to everybody in time. Your best bet is to know how to defend yourself and be armed and ready to do so.”

He said he believes when more citizens become armed legally, criminals will think twice before acting.

“The only thing that’s going to stop the crime sprees we see going on around here is for decent people to be prepared for the worst if it happens to them. Criminals need to get the message that good, decent people aren’t going to just stand back and let themselves be attacked or killed. They’re going to fight back.”

McComas said he has personally invited the owner of every business in Sophia to attend the class.

“I want every business owner to be able to defend their business and to protect themselves,” he said.

Those who complete the class will receive a certificate that will enable them to obtain a concealed weapons permit, and McComas will explain the procedures required for that permit.

No guns are to be brought to the class, he said.

“I will have weapons here, and we will make sure they are handled properly.”

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- Janq
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