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Frantic 911 Call: Man Shoots At Robber Following Heist

POSTED: 7:29 am EDT October 25, 2006
UPDATED: 7:48 am EDT October 25, 2006

FISHERS, Ind. -- Police on Tuesday released a tape of a frantic 911 call after a restaurant was robbed early Monday morning, after which an employee shot at the robber.

Just after 5 a.m. Monday, Norman Jaffe reported to work at the Sunrise Café in the 9700 block of East 116th Street. Just as Jaffe stepped toward the front door, he was accosted, 6News' Jennifer Carmack reported.

"He had a black face mask on, black bag. He ran out behind here, hit me in the head," Jaffe told a 911 dispatcher.

Fishers police Sgt. Gerry Hepp said the robber demanded money from the employee and forced him into the business. Once he got the money, the robber ran out of the back of the restaurant toward a housing division. That's when Jaffe pulled a handgun and fired 10 rounds, Hepp said.

"I asked him to stop. He pulled his weapon, raised it right to my face. He was 20 yards away and I lit him up," Jaffe told the dispatcher.

No shots struck the robber, according to police. The robber is described as black, wearing black clothing, a black ski mask and black gloves. He is about 6 feet tall and weighs 190 pounds.

"It seems the circumstances, he was in fear for his life. It was justified in this case," Hepp said.

Later Monday, a Papa John's on 96th Street was also held up at gunpoint at about 10 p.m. Investigators said the same person might be involved in both robberies.

"We're not going to rule that out. Two robberies in the same day is certainly unusual in Fishers," Hepp said.

Mark Quigley, who lives near both restaurants, said crime is filtering into even the nicest of communities.

"I don't think a lot of people realize what goes on in other parts of the city. Desperation is what drives a lot of the people who commit these acts," Quigley said.

Police said they believe there are witnesses to the second robbery. Officials asked anyone with information on either case to call Fishers police at 317-773-1282.

* Man Shoots At Robber Following Heist

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* October 24, 2006: Police: Employee Fired At Man Following Restaurant Robbery

End Note: Do not be this guy!!!1!

- Janq

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Wow, someone needs to hit the range more... 10 rounds and not a hit? I know its totaly different when your get a gun pulled on you, but you should be able to place at least one hit out on ten.

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Worst he denied common sense and in many states broke the law.
He went after the robber upon hm leaving which in itself was stupid and exposed himself to great real risk lethal risk. He then calls out to the robber who turned around back toward him. If the robber had been a better shooter he could have plucked dudes lifeline upon giving him a break prior.
As for the victim not hitting him with ten shots thats the one thing to me that actually makes sense. Hitting a moving target at 60' out with a pistol while being nervous, heart racing, adrenalin pumping, and all the while trying to take cover...not even cops could make that kind of shot at even half the distance. Distance being keyword. The robber was 60' (!) away. The victim came out after him from inside a building. The victim had no jusitifcation to shoot. Also how the hell can the robber have raised his gun right to the victims face when he was 20 yds./60' (3' in a yard) away?! Yep, he cant'.

This distance from shooter to target is a measured 20 yards:

Remember folks as we CCW and even those of us who just own for homeland defense, one must always follow and apply the principles of J.A.M. not just for legal purposes but it just might save your life as well:

Jeopardy - Serious bodily injury/death
Ability - To cause that degree of harm
Means - Weapon of some description and/or physical force

The victim was no longer in jeopardy and obviously as based on real results the criminal had no ability even as he had theoretical means.

I'm not saying the victim should be charged with a crime such as unlawful discharge of a firearm, but that doesn't mean a DA/prosecutor would not.
Folks play it smarter and don't risk your life for nothing (money can be replaced and at many if not most stores is insured!) and worst expose yourself to real risk be it death or the DA.

Oh and also do not be making wild & crazy statements to _anyone_ especially the dispatcher or onsite police such as this guy did.
If the DA does decide to turn around and charge you well then right there your own statements can and will be used against you and as you made such statements without being under arrest then well guess what, Miranda rights do not apply to you. Good luck fighting off yourself in court. :(

- Janq
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