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Personally, I've been putting off the process myself for too long. I've decided that next month, when I'm back home in Wisco, I'm going to start the show on getting a suppressor for my USP Tactical. That's the whole reason I got the Tactical instead of the regular USP .45, I intended on getting a suppressor eventually. I'm done procrastinating, I've even found a class III dealer in my part of the state I can get it through, and he even has all the paperwork I need to pick up on hand. Now the only hard part is going to be waiting for the paperwork to clear. I've already talked to my city's Chief of Police when I was home for Christmas, and he said he'd sign off on it when I get the paperwork to him (after he and I went through the state lawbooks because hw thought I was bullshitting him about the whole thing at first).
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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