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folding Khukuri

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I hear that a folding Khukuri exist anybody know if it’s true or have some info on them?
found what i was looking for
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that is hardly a khukuri, looks more like a clip point with a false top edge.
maybe for 20 bucks, for 120 there are much better options
not to be a COMPLETE ass, but doesnt a khukuri folder completely defeat the point of a khukuri?

thats like a pocket folder machete. or a B2 browning .50cal machine gun 9mm conversion. its just.... not supposed to be done...

just get one of these|585d0f
i do not think you are being a complete ass. a folding version completely defeats the purpose.
I wasn’t in the market to buy one I just thought it was a cool concept I started thinking about when talking to a Silat instructor I know; about combining fighting blades with practical carry knives and the idea came up.
you could always take a full size Khukuri and just put a dowel hinge on it and call it a folder :)

although you couldn't use a full tang khukuri.... and who wants a fixed blade that isn't full tang?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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