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Fn Fs2000

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Took some time to get camera back from friend to post some pictures.

The action of the rifle, Il get some of it taken apart but its very strange how it works. the white part lifts the shells up to a tube and pushes them out near the muzzle.

Where the shells come out. You can close the door and keep about 6 shells in the tube, they do come out with some force its enough to unclog any dirt in there.

This thing out shoots my fullsize AR-15 by alot, I was very impressed with it today at 100 yards. Best part was seeing the looks on peoples faces as they saw it we kept hearing "What the hell is that?!" and tons of qeustions.. Il shoot 200 yards here soon and find out what it can do.

So far im enjoying it quite nicely..
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xxG3xx said:
very someone needs to get a PS90 and tell us what they think.

I'm saving up for soon as I have the $$$$ I'm getting one.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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