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First time gun buyer in need of Guidence..

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Well, Come september 11th I'll legally be able to buy a Long arm. so get ready for a lot of illogical even stupid questions..

So far I've got 3,500 saved up and I know of a gun store locally that has some decent stuff according to friends who've been.

This being my first time I'm not quite sure what all I'll need to complete the purchase and not leave the owner nervous or sour about a 18 year old walking out of the store with a "Evil Black Rifle" (more precisely a AKS-74). I'm just pretty much nervous about the whole damn thing and graduating from a public school didn't help one bit. I got indoctrened into the whole "Guns are bad" crowd and up untill a year ago I would cringe at the thought of handling a real firearm. I'm also the type of person who dosen't like to look someone straight in the eye, something I picked up growing up don't ask..

I've never shot a real rifle before with the exception of a single shot .410 shotgun. And I only shot that 4 times.

I also have err.. some fear of bullets thats ilrational at best. I'm always afraid of one going off in my pocket or anotherone clanging into one and it going off. to give you a general idea I get in a cold sweat when I handle the 4 30-06 shells I have on my desk

I've also read into all my local laws regarding firearms via, it claims that I can legally buy a handgun in this state at 18 but I'm still unsure. It also says that nobody shall have in possession a SBR even when registered with the ATF and all the taxes are paied ect so I'm taking a tape measure to the store to make sure what I buy is legal.

Umm lets see oh yes I'm also kind of finikey about putting parts onto a gun, I'm used to the whole airsoft deal (don't force it on it will break) mentallity. but from videos I've seen of them cleaning AKs and FALs it seems to take quite some force to get the bolt out and put bullets in the magazine. is this correct or will I end up with powder burns over 1/3rd my body if I try to use too much force with a bolt or handle. :D

oh yes and as for the gun choices I've found quite a few that I like. However I DO NOT want an AR-15, I've herd WAY too many bad things about them

FN PS-90 (Money is no object here, I plan to start reloading as soon as I can)
FN FS-2000
H&K G-3 CETME varient
AKM varient
Ruger 10/22 with the muzzlelite stock or the 5.56 version of it I beleive its called the mini 14/AC-556?
the ruger AC-556 (umm the mini 14 with the folding stock and scout scope mount):confused:
FN FAL (perferably full stock with the buffer tube inplace) :???:
Yugo SKS (however I hear most are in cosmoline thats hard to clean off?)
Remington 870 12 guage with a 8 shell extention and the barrel at full choke
M1 Garand (or the tanker model if they have it)

So I'm covered on long arms, if he dosent have one he'll most likely have the other.

As for sidearms if I'm legally premitted I'm thinking about these

TT-33 ( I've herd the safteys on these guns are NOT to be relied on, any input?)
Mauser Broomhandle (would like the 9x19 version that the chinamen used)
Walther P38
Browning Hi-power (I REALLY want the C&R version that can legally have the shoulder stock attached, however I'll have to check this out with a lawyer and my local Sheriff to see if the C&R status trumps state law or not :/)
H&K MK23

Any Advice and Guidence is really appreicated, Especially with person to person interaction with the dealer. :cool:
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Oh, I thought you ment to get to anything on the inside for upgrades and repair.

I only compared it to airsoft in the way it takes down ( clam shell design, internals just sit on some brackets ). I guess I'll just stay away from that too and buy one of the folding stocks or spend the cash on that AUG conversion then.
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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