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Fired my first XD (plus kel-tec P3AT summary)

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My friend just bought an XD 45 Compact. He paid about $549 for it. I told him he may have gotten a better deal at a gun show. Probably could have saved 80 bucks or so I figure. Anywho we went to the range to try it out. I brought along my Kel tec P3AT 380 to test also since I havent fired it yet and wanted to check its realiability before I end up carrying it for protection. I also brought my Glock26 for kicks. My friend knows nothing about guns but did enough reading about XDs to know that they are fairly highly reguarded. On a side note this guy is pretty much broke all the time and I think he put this gun on his CC. When his wife finds out he will be screwed for sure. Back to the range story. I was very impressed with the XD. Very good shooting gun and functioned flawlessly with both 10 and 13 rnd factory mags. The P3AT also functioned without a hiccup. One note about the P3, Keltec says it is DAO and you do see the hammer draw back as you squeeze the trigger but the trigger has to be reset with the slide action so there is no double strike capability. Basicly it functions as a SA trigger in this reguard. I didnt get a chance to test its accuracy because it was fired last and my target was all shot up by then. The Glock however was another story. The G26 is the smallest of the 9mm that glock makes and I was trying to use a cheap G17 mag that didnt have a steel liner. The bullets were hitting the leading edge of the mag upon coming out of the mag. Id say the mag was to blame entirely for the problems. I will get a real G17 mag at the next gun show I go to. Or is there an aftermarket brand you guys trust for glock mags?
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pro mags work pretty good for after market mags -- the springs seem a little weak to me, but mec-gar mags are great after market. Some of my pistols have come from the factory with mec-gar.
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