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Very often here and even more so at OT folks will post questions asking what exactly the firearm laws are in their given state and/or how to go about getting an concealed carry license/permit.
Typically the response is go to or, newbie. :p
Well for those of us experienced and in the know lets make life even easier for the newbies and provide direct links/info toward our own given state for those who are too lazy to search their own state/police dept. website or don't even know where to start.

I'll begin with my current state of MA along with some money saving techniques and legal workarounds FTW...


One can find a one stop shop of current law and egulations toward firearms and concealed carry laws at one point, the Mass. Chiefs of Police Association.

Everything a person might need toward MA is provided or linked to from this single page including the following...

MCOPA said:
Approved Firearms Roster
Large Capacity Weapons Roster

List of Approved Courses
Mass Chiefs Basic Handgun Safety Course
Use of this course is restricted to certified law enforcement firearms instructors who are also certified as Basic Firearms Safety Instructors though the Massachusetts State Police.
EOPS Testing Laboratories

(Note: The Basic Handgun Safety Course link for instructors provides the _actual_ syllabus and test (!) that is standardized and used by MA License to Carry instructors. Go here, print it off, study it, later take the class, ace the test...and win. ;) )

DMH Firearms Applicant Procedure
Background Check Completion Form
LTC/FID New/Renewal Application

Judicial Standards for Firearms License Appeals
Highlights of the Massachusetts Gun Control Legislation
Additonally in MA the law allows one to provide a MA Basic Hunter Education certificate in lieu of taking & passing the license to carry course.
Normaally a MA LTC course runs from $100 to $150 with it being offered free to women only via the sherrifs office in IIRC Palmer per an article I saw in my local paper last summer. For many normal average people paying $100 is kind of spendy for ultimately a piece of paper to be forever filed away.
But in MA, right now, Mass Wildlife is offering the BHE course in specifc at no cost to citizens...FREE!
I'd posted about this in another thread last month;

So what you do is get yourself registered in the BHE course, at no cost, take and pass that program at a savings of major coin (I paid $125 for my LTC course!). Then go to the above link at MCOPA and print out the "LTC/FID New/Renewal Application" PDF. Read and _study_ the LTC course syllabus and the test so that you have the knowledge toward as much, without actually having taken the course, and then drop off a copy of your BHE cert. along with your application at your local issuing authority.

- Janq

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I'll do Maine in a bit.

In a nutshell,

No permit needed to buy, sell or posess firearms or ammunition. Photo ID required to buy firearms, as proof of age.

For CCW, Shall issue, go to local police chief. Portland is the one city in which you are entered in a kind of database, otherwise not. Permits are $35, good for 4 years.

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jamz said:
I'll do Maine in a bit.

In a nutshell,

No permit needed to buy, sell or posess firearms or ammunition. Photo ID required to buy firearms, as proof of age.

For CCW, Shall issue, go to local police chief. Portland is the one city in which you are entered in a kind of database, otherwise not. Permits are $35, good for 4 years.
This is pretty much PA. Instead you have to go to the county sheriff's office, pay $19 and have 2 non-related references. Permit lasts for 5 years.

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Arizona CCW

Clickable links:
All AZ Laws Searchable

AZ Obtaining a Permit
Where Can You Carry?
AZ Gun Laws

Obtaining a Permit

CCW Eligibility

CCW applicants must:

* be a resident of this state or a United States citizen;

* be twenty-one years of age or older;

* not be under indictment for and not been convicted in any jurisdiction of a felony;

* not suffer from mental illness and been adjudicated mentally incompetent or committed to a mental institution;

* not be unlawfully present in the United States;

* satisfactorily complete a firearms safety training program approved by the department of public safety pursuant to A.R.S. §13-3112.O.

State Prohibitors

A.R.S. §13-3101(6) - Prohibited possessor

means any person -

* who has been found to constitute a danger to himself or to others pursuant to court order under section 36-540, and whose court ordered treatment has not been terminated by a court;

* who has been convicted within or without this state of a felony or who has been adjudicated delinquent and whose civil right to possess or carry a gun or firearm has not been restored;

* who is at the time of possession serving a term of imprisonment in any correctional facility or detention facility;

* who is at the time of possession serving a term of probation pursuant to a conviction for a domestic violence offense as defined in section 13-3601 or a felony offense, parole, community supervision, work furlough, home arrest or release on any other basis or who is serving a term of probation or parole pursuant to the interstate compact under title 31, chapter 3, article 4;

* who is a prohibited possessor under 18 United States Code 922(g)(5), except as provided by 18 United States Code 922(y).


* Businesses serving alcohol for consumption on the premises (peace officers are excepted)

* Polling places on election days (peace officers are excepted)

* School grounds (some exceptions – see below) (peace officers are excepted)

* Commercial nuclear & hydroelectric generating stations (peace officers are excepted)

* Military installations (peace officers are limited)

* Indian reservations (check w/tribe, peace officers are limited)

* Game preserves (peace officers are limited)

* National parks (peace officers are limited)

* Correctional facilities

* Federal buildings (peace officers are limited)

* Airports (in or beyond security checkpoints) (peace officers are limited)

* Where federal, state or local laws prohibit weapons (peace officers are limited)

* State or local government/private establishments or events when asked by the operator/sponsor/agent. Most government facilities will provide a location to temporarily store a firearm. Persons who refuse to leave and/or secure their weapon are trespassing and can be cited or arrested for 13-1502A1 (C3M) or 13-1503A (C2M), depending on the venue (peace officers are excepted)
School exceptions (Concealed or not):

* You are an adult in a vehicle and the firearm is unloaded before entering school grounds. Furthermore, if you must exit your vehicle, the firearm must remain unloaded and be secured (locked) within the vehicle, out of plain view (ARS 13-3102.I.1) Use caution and common sense if you must exit the vehicle with a firearm to secure it in the trunk (avoid causing a potentially serious disturbance)

* You are an adult attending a firearms related class (hunter/safety) or participating in a school program that requires you to bring or possess a firearm and the training or event was scheduled and approved by school administrators (ARS 13-3102.H & I.2). This exception also applies to a juvenile accompanied by a parent, grandparent, legal guardian or a certified hunter/firearms safety officer acting with the permission of a parent or guardian (ARS 13-3111.A). The firearm will be unloaded before entering school grounds and should be placed in a case to avoid causing a potentially serious disturbance

* Additionally, designated employees of a school may order a person off of school property if that person is believed to be interfering with school operations. School boards may also enact specific and more restrictive rules governing firearms and deadly weapons on school grounds (ARS 13-2911). Determine the what the rules of a school are before attempting to enter

Arizona Law
All AZ Laws Searchable

Arizona Revised Statutes Title 13
13-3101 Definitions
13-3102 Misconduct involving weapons; defenses; classification; definitions
13-3102.01 Storage of deadly weapons; definitions
13-3103 Misconduct involving explosives; classification
13-3104 Depositing explosives; classification
13-3105 Forfeiture of weapons and explosives
13-3106 Firearm purchase in other states
13-3107 Unlawful discharge of firearms; exceptions; classification; definitions
13-3108 Firearms regulated by state; state preemption; violation; classification
13-3109 Sale or gift of firearm to minor; classification
13-3110 Misconduct involving simulated explosive devices; classification; definition
13-3111 Minors prohibited from carrying or possessing firearms; exceptions; seizure and forfeiture; penalties; classification
13-3112 Concealed weapons; qualification; application; permit to carry; certificate of firearms proficiency; training program; program instructors; report; applicability; violation; classification
13-3113 Adjudicated delinquents; firearm possession; violation; classification
13-3115 Forensics firearms identification system
13-3116 Misconduct involving body armor; classification; definition
13-3117 Remote stun guns; sales records; use; classification; definitions
13-3118 Possession or storage of firearms; restrictions prohibited; exceptions

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For most of CA (basically if you live in a populated, hell, even a semi-populated area) you are screwed and no matter what course you take shy of being a cop will grant you a lic.

That was easy.
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