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As a Michigander I grew up in a hunting and fishing friendly family with a Colt woodsman, Winchester Model 62, and a Browning “sweet sixteen” shotgun all of which were all my grandfathers. Grandma’s house was in Allen and I spent days and days shooting in what we called the gravel pit.

After hearing how some Internet providers were discriminating against the Firearm community of websites I decided to open I have hosted websites, managed servers, provided Linux support, written code, and developed software packages for years. I’ve been a full time Internet consultant and service provider since 1996. I can host sites, servers, all here in the United States, and not shut you off without notice because your site is firearm related.

I am also proud to be sponsoring “Firearm Girl” at We are planning on her learning Firearm safety and personal self defense from the ground up. She will be blogging about her education and about women's safety. This is why I’m joining this forum, I’m not an expert trainer and I’ll be searching, and asking some questions as needed to better guide her down the right path. Comments and suggestions are always welcome and my PM is open too.

734-454-9117 Toll free 1-800-231-4459
Internet website hosting support and service since the 90’s
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