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Finding a range in/around Paris, France

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My buddy and I are trying to find a target range, and I am coming up with little to no luck on google. I have been trying keywords like "station tire" and "stand tire" along with/without "pistolet." That's all the firearm-related French I know, other than flang which is the equivelant to gat, which hopefully wouldn't give me a result on where to go from google, heh. Anyways... if anyone has some insight as to how I might find a shooting range within a reasonable distance from the city, that would be great. Thanks.
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Any local gunshops or hunting clubs in the phone book there?

I bet they would know, remember, gun owners are usually a close knit brotherhood.
Good idea, I know of a hunting store in the vicinity. I'll have to check them out tomorrow.
Well... it looks like unless I'm a cop or in/formerly in the Army... a range is a no-go.

Yep...Firearms are a huge no-no in France.
You have to be a person of high importance to get such access, or military.

Welcome to places other than America. :(

- Janq
Yeah... it's funny though, because there are more countries than I would have thought where guns are cool.

My Egyptian friends' parents all carry when they're in Egypt... but that kind of makes sense.

Also, Switzerland is 2nd(to the US) in being liberal w/guns. It used to be to the point where there was at least one gun in every household, but that has since dropped off. I'm pretty sure the only thing you can't do in Switzerland is obtain a CCW, unless you are a security guard/work in a bank/have a good reason other than "I need it for my protection."

Switzerland also has conscription. w00t!
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