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finally got around..

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to watching American Psycho, (i should say rather, the first parts of it)

I gotta feeling this'll be one of my favs ;)
Ive heard decent things about this one... finally got around to it hahah...

so far, so good, :laugh:

(actually... theres something irritating, about this movie...cant quite place my finger on it, bateman's voice???? something very irritating about this movie indeed.....some parts when he's wigging out it almost seems like jim carrey wouldve been a better person for it all..)

after further viewing, the voice has become bearable, lol, theres som seriously funny parts in this.. :laugh:
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I read the book a wile ago, never got around to seeing the movie myself. Parts of that book sure stuck with me. :p
I def need to see it. I've heard so much about it.

People tell me that if I were to play someone in a movie (in real life though) that it would be something like American Psycho.
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