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Finally considering a pistol purchase.

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Got a new job, moving back home (the east bay) and have a little cash to toss around the place. Why not buy a fire arm eh? But there are so many choices!

I have only shot a few pistols in my time, and only a few of them have more then 30 rounds down range. So I'm not going to use any previous experience to base my purchase on. From what i have read and heard from other gun enthusiasts, the rental guns at most ranges aren't the best source of reliable feedback either.

The good news is, my decision is not all over the board. I have at least a little idea of what i want. I'm almost positive i want more stopping power then what a 9mm can offer, unless someone has some outstanding evidence to the contrarie. So I'm seriously considering something in the .40Cal. A Friend of mine has two USP's a compact and a full size. Both are .40 and i really like how they feel in my hand. The compact is definitely on my list. I'm not a fan of the trigger safety like the Glocks, so those are out. CCW isn't a question because I'm in cali. Its main purpose is for making swiss paper. But it will double as 'home security' (thus the anti 9mm comment above).

Does anyone have any good ideas for places to start? Should i go rent a bunch of pistols anyways just to see which ones feel good in my hand? Any and all ideas are welcome. H&K and Sig are the two that get the most screen time on my computer right now. But I'm not in love with either.

Thanks in advance for any comments.
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Full sized USP in .45, is what I would get... Or the Sig in .357. Those are the ones that I like to shoot the most.
How long do yall have to wait for rifles and shotguns there?

How retarded is that huh? We dont have any wait yet you dont see people blowing each other away when they got there handgun that day.
lol... Funny how you can buy shotguns in only 10 days but EVIL less powerfull handguns take 21.

Id much rather take on a pistol than a shotgun or rifle any day.
1 - 3 of 48 Posts
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