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Filthy's Rant of the Day

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Well now...

Besides being into Guns Guns GUNS!!! I am also starting to get into knives/swords/etc [as I am sure many of us are] so when I opened up one of the gun magazines recently and saw a really intriguing, Klingon-lookin' blade I was of course quite interested in researching it more in-depth.

Alas, time constraints prevented me from delving too deeply into the ad initially, however this morning I did take a look at the ad and in the search for the website address I find this statement:

"Intended for Military and Law Enforement Professionals ONLY" :x

Well Ex-F'in-Cuse me for being a lowly g*ddamned CIVILIAN!!!! It would appear that these folks think the knife is TOO dangerous and scary looking for me to own, or else they believe deep in their hearts that the whole Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms [which, as I note, did not specifically prohibit citizens from owning knives that looked like something Kalis would own] was a mistake and that only "Military and Law Enforcement Professionals" should have anything more potent than a dull toothpick...

[Incidentally, it is not by choice that I am not either in the military or law enforcement, but whatever. Thanks again lousy health, you sure make living my life - my way - damn near impossible!]

But yeah, I was all keen on getting the website and checking this beast out... Now I have the web address but am so riled that I NEVER want to click on the link! Hey, if I am not good enough for their blade then I will find someone else who will sell me a quality blade that I am 'worthy' to own.
Some might argue that the "intended" part of the phrase doesn't mean I :: can't :: own one, but damnit that one line - ONE LINE - in the ad shows a disdain for 'civilians' [peons?] that just chaps my hide!

So yeah, I'm a lowly peon civilian... A lowly peon civilian that is going to take my unworthy dollars elsewhere. Congratulations!

Filthy Rich :evil:
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whats the url? I wanna check out this blade.
That remeinds me of the way i felt at the gun shop the other day. Here in Michigan switch blades are illegal here but only law enforment can own them. Makes no sense to me. One of the guys behind the counter was showing us the the switchblades they have and can only be sold to leos and of course i want one and so did he but the funny thing is that i don't get is right next to the in the display case is a bunch of emerson knives with the wave feature. An emerson knive with the wave feature opens faster than a switch blade it opens as you pull it out of your pocket and its legal. So the next knife i plan on buying is going to be an emerson and it will most likely be my everyday knife and plus their high quality.

Your local legisialtion just hasn't caught up to technology as yet.
Let some kid get gutted by a 'wave' enabled kife or worst a cop and then you'll find they too will be on the chopping block.
For a very long time switchblades were entirely civilian legal, until they weren't.

In MA assisted opening folding knives are illegal to carry as a weapon though legal to possess and own.
That means you can buy a 'wve' but use it in a fight or worst to attack someone and boom thats a weapons charge.

- Janq
And you best not carry a machete in MA anymore too.
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