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FG42, safely out of reach @ $10K.....

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.....but oh so cool!

FG42 video

FG42 Manufacturer

(Check the gallery.)
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Oh Jesus why did you have to show me this...

This is my all time favorite WW2 weapon and I have always dreamed of them makeing a semi auto one.... Now im going to have to look at one of these when I need to save money the most. ;)

Had nothing to do with the MG-42 but it is kind of the father of the M-60. There was under 7,000 made but they are so complicated that it took to long to build them.

aw... shit 10,000K well... I guess thats good for me that I will never get one.

I hate you ;)

The break on them has to be good.. thats an 8mm! I could not lift my arm for most of this last week from 150 rounds of the 8ball over the weekend.

went and got 800 something rounds of 8mm today from a pawn shop, there in large spam cans. yay!
Id rather have it in 8mm! I got 880 rounds in tuna cans for 120 bucks! 30-06 is much much more and it always come on clips... hm, I dont get to say clips very much... clips clips clips clips clips..

Yes is is slighty corrosive but just windex the barrel and your good.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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