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few toys

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Mossberg 500 cruser model with forward grip

Remington 870 12Ga with AT top folding stock

SKS para model from China

Yugo SKS

My custom built M4 with RAS 4 handgaurds and aimpoint sight.

Right H&K USP compact in .40

Left Kahr P9 9mm

WASR-10 I had to get after selling my AMD-65 for twice as much as I payed for it, I figured I needed an AK

Rare preban mini-14 side folder with red dot scout setup.

Closer of my M4.... yea that wallet was emptyed from that gun....

AR-15 A2


Kahr p9

S&W .357 mag with laser grips.

Few other I dont feel like nameing right now.

Class two Pen gun in .22, and dirty finger nails from cleaning off the carbon build up inside the AR-15 bolt.... and a messed up wall from our dogs we have to keep in this room who a few weeks after tore a massave hole through both sides and got out....

I will post the rest when im more than half awake.
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i hope to get my collection that big 1 day. hell i dont even own a firearm yet and i want everything i can find sooner or later lol.
Why are there guns on the pool table? Mainly because I felt like it... Another, its near the gun safe and its a well lit and open place... Any other strange questions?
mindstorm said:
why are the guns on a pool table?

Does it even matter....I swear you come up with teh oddest and most irrelevant questions sometimes.
he's trying to copy my posts where I photo the rifles on the red carpet to make them more important. He photographed his guns on his red felt pool table.
tell you the truth I dont think your dogs messed up the wall, just you firing at it :shoot:
Yea, ok you got me! I use my computer room as a shooting range when it's raining.

I cleaned up the room and made it fairly nice, its changed alot from the pictures right here I have alot more "STUFF" on the wall now.

Dont ask about the road signs :twisted:
instead of shooting the wall you should shoot that picture of osama bin ladin

Interested in a straight-up trade, your P9 for my stainless MK9, FFL - FFL? I'll subscribe to this thread or you can PM / email me.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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