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As reported on July 14th by KAIT Jonesboro, AR:

Fatal Shooting in Doniphan Appears to be Case of Self-Defense

JULY 14, 2006 - Posted at 2:21 p.m. CDT

DONIPHAN, MO - A Doniphan man being held for the fatal shooting of another man following an altercation in a home shortly after midnight Thursday was released from the Doniphan jail this morning shortly after 2 a.m., after investigators determined that he shot and killed 36-year-old Rodney Ray in self-defense.

Doniphan Police Chief Richard Joyner told K8 News that Ray entered the home of 25-year-old Michael Boone around midnight Wednesday evening and began arguing with a woman the chief described as Ray's girlfriend inside a bedroom in the home. Chief Joyner said investigation shows that Ray then entered the home's living room and began arguing with Boone, who by that time had armed himself with a .22-caliber pistol and then asked Ray to leave. The chief says when Ray ignored Boone's request, Boone fired two "warning shots" into the floor of the residence, at which point Ray allegedly advanced on Boone as if he were going to attack him. When that happened, Boone fired a fatal shot at Ray.

Doniphan officers were called to the residence at 12:27 a.m. Upon their arrival in the 700 block of East Washington Street, they found Ray on his back with a woman on top of him trying to administer CPR. Upon closer inspection, officers found Ray with no pulse, suffering from a gunshot wound to the head.

Boone was taken into custody as the Doniphan PD was joined in the investigation by the Ripley County Sheriff's Department and the Missouri Highway Patrol. Chief Joyner says further investigation determined that Boone shot Ray in self-defense, and he was released after being held for 24 hours.

Joyner stressed that the investigation is not yet closed, and a coroner's inquest is planned.

The story can be found at

- Janq

Lesson to be learned: Anything is better than nothing, even when it's a .22LR from a pistol. Also as taught since forever, shot placement is everything. Oh, and don't sleep on a .22LR which is said to have more dead bodies attested to it than any other round out side of wars & civil unrest insurrections.
In this case one shot one dead wolf.

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hmm maybe the 22 walther is a reasonable gun after all.

so are we guessing that this guy had no path to escape and that he was in genuine fear of his life? those would have to be conditions of a good shooting, right?

cause if you can run instead of shooting someone, you have to run.

I'm sure janq can lay it all out for us since I'm sure he's memorized the rules of engagment.

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They changed the rules here in GA now, there alot less lax on defensive shootings, now if there in your house you can blow them away no questions asked. Thats the way it should be not looking to see if they have a weapons or as people have said before... leaveing a base ball bat out for them to grab so they have a weapon to legaly shoot them.
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