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Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask

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Dear OT Non-Gun Nuts,

I've noticed there are alot of people in OT who are gun curious and/or that are newbies often times they ask questions publicly and other times I specifically get PM's asking privately. I'm sure Subed, Brucelee, LouTurismo and others have noticed and experience same.
Additionally I've noticed in various firearm related threads past and present that some folks have their firearm facts and figures either a tad askew if not altogether off base. To be fair and kind I will not present examples of such but suffice it to say this is most often obvious to those steeped in gun fu, as obvious as would be to a track slut a noob referring to oversteer incorrectly as understeer. The noob can argue it untill the cows come home but the bottom line is what it is.

So with that thought I came across the following instructional mini-films as taught by 'Chad' at Google Video via the folks at Expert Village.
Unlikemost other firearm instructional videos Chad appears to be your average regular coastal liberal and not an NRA type or some other such beer bellied yahoo foaming at the mouth screaming the virtues of life, liberty and the allmight forty five. He's just a straight talking regular sounding normal looking non confrontational liberal looking could very likely be an OTter type of guy who just happens to like and know stuff about firearms. The vids presented are short and all are work safe although some do feature guns being shot so keep that in mind as per the titles. Again these videos are instructional and do not feature anything other than basic information as geared toward the Stage 0 type of non-Gun Nut.

I've organized the vids into sections to make scrolling and review that much easier...

How to: Pistol 'actions'

How to: Revolvers

How to: Semi-automaic pistols


How To: Rifle types

How to: Semi-automatic rifles

How to: Bolt action rifles

How to: Pump action longarms


How to: Know what ammunition actually is

How to: Types of ammunition

How to: Rifle ammunition

How to: Handgun ammunition
Video source no longer functional...bump this thread if you happen to find a new source


How to: Target shooting

How to: Gun sights

How to: Shoot a rifle

How to: Shoot a Glock 9MM

How to: Combat strip and Detail strip a Glock

How to: Clear a Failure to Fire (FTF), Failure to Eject (FTE), 'Stovepipe' and general 'Tap, Rack & Bang' advice

How to: Shoot a .22LR rifle <An _excellent_ caliber choice for beginner/novice shooters be it rifle or pistol>

How to: Shoot a .375 H&H rifle

How to: Firearm cleaning

How to identify & understand differences in shotgun bore gauges

Midway USA 'Guntec Dictionary of Shooting'

Clips vs Magazines

- Janq

Edit: Many links updated due to the URL's at Google video going south.
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this valued thread has been stickeeeed! ty again janq

and good call for this to be "stuck" on your end jams :wink: (I rarely look in this section)
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