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Egan said:
The CA model comes with a threaded barrel. As long as you don't thread on a flash suppressor or integral suppressor it's okay. :)
Oh that makes me feel safer, What keeps anyone thats going to break the law with it, keep from doing it. Same with short barrel rifles and shotguns takes 5 seconds with a SawZaw.

I forgot about the fact that yall can have 2 "Evil fetures" there you have the detachable mag and the threaded muzzle, Still liveing in "Pre and Post ban" days there huh?

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Somehow or another the stock got cracked some years ago. I decided to keep the sporterized theme since it would never be all original with the receiver tapped for the scope mount.

I ditched the scope and mount. I replaced the wood sporter stock with a Ramline synthetic model. I added the Weaver rail to replace the handguard and mounted an Aimpoint clone to it.

She's all cleaned up and ready for a trip to the range now. :D

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