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Any1 looking for gear should hit the show this week. I was there yesterday and they had great deals on knives from spyderco, clod steel sog, benchmade, SW, mostly folders except for the custom makers. optics from burris, nikon, Ziess, S&B, steiner, eotech, truglo and many smaller companies. Clothing and bags from numerous brands and lights from streamlight and surefire. There isn't much in the way of firearms, mags or ammo other than benelli blaser , merkel and kreighoff but there are great deal on everything else.

I got an eotech 550, Ziess zdot and surefire e2 defender for under 600$ all together. I don;t know if the new truglo red dots are any good but for 15$ I figured I'll find out. Buris Ziess and S&B have most of there stuff 25-50% off The Zeiss rep, very nice guy, told me to come back last day for even better prices. The Benelli guys also have great prices on surefire flashlights G2's and G3's for 18-30$. I also got some range bags from some never heard of them b4 company but they feel pretty sturdy and were like 7$

I was kind of annoyed by the lack of major US name, Rem, leupold, mossberg ect.. The highend european name reps were everywhere, very friendly and talkative, but not 1 major american compay. It's easy to see why the US comapnies are going down hill.

To Companies like Ziess and S&B and Steiner who have products that cost more than a used car, the eastern sports and outdoors show is pretty much slumming but these guys do the work to get there name out to a bunch of ********. When your standing at a display feeling up a scope that costs more than an average guy makes in a week and a guy walks up drinking a beer and starts talking with you about guns, optics, the show in general and if you saw the ass on the dark haired chick at the US tobacco display and just has a casual conversation and NEVER pushes his product, shakes your hand an says have a nice day goes a long way with average people. When you read his name tag and his last name is indeed ZEISS not just a sales rep. tels me a lot about why the US companies are losing. My bud with me; a life time leupold man;was amazed, we just had a conversation with A ZIESS, his name is on the company he may not actually "own" it but he has a lot more money then we'll ever see and could be doing a million other things but he's here talking to bums like us and the US companies didn't even show.
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