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Looking for a new motor or to replace/upgrade your stock AEG motor. AEX just got in a shipment of the Eagle Force Hummer motors direct from Japan. These are high quality, high performance motors at a reasonable price.

2 models available:

1000 series is a direct replacement for a TM EG1000 motor but with higher speed and torque.

1100 series is the same as the 1000, but uses ball bearings. This reduces friction giving you high speed and torque characteristics, but with stock or less battery usage.

There's 1 more series, but not available at AEX yet. It's the Eagle 1300 and it's a hand built form scratch custom job. Even higher torque and speed, but over 2x the cost of the 1100.

Anyway this is a high quality motor alternative to Tokyo Marui or Systema and a def motor upgrade for Non-Japanese AEG's.
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