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  • I miss the highschool days....

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  • I'll go with the ICBM option

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Yeah, I hated high school too. I was lucky enough to go to high school in a ******* town of 800 people (towns total population, btw, not just my school) while being the only person in the entire town with hair that wasn't naturally colored and sporting a mohawk. Needless to say, I had problems. I learned more about fighting than I did about math or science in high school. Although, by my senior year, nobody really fucked with me, so it kind of got cool at that point. Either way, 3 years of hell aren't erased by 1 acceptable year. It's funny when I run into people from high school when I go "home" to visit family, people tend to treat all the shit they gave me back then like it was all a big joke. I don't see any joke behind 5 dudes from the basketball team jumping me in the hallway between class and the teachers doing nothing because I was "different". Then they get all "offended" when I don't answer them when the talk to me. My answer's always been the same, and I quote myself on this one. "If I wanted to talk to you, we'd be having a conversation right now. Try talking to someone who can pretend like they give a shit what's happening in your life. Oh, I mean your friends." I think that's a good summary on my opinion of high school.
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