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  • I miss the highschool days....

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  • I'll go with the ICBM option

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Are you one of the ones that misses highschool and all the great times you had with your friends etc, or do you wish your highschool would get hit by an ICBM?

I hated highschool... The classes were worthless, a lot of the people were posing ****** fucks that I wanted to drill fist through (that didn't sound right)... However, Lunch and PE and select classes were cool, had some really good friends that I'd see every day, and well, the girls... lol

HOWEVER, I don't miss the wanna be gang banger ******* that would try to start crap just to proove that they were tough... I wasn't as big as I was now (I'm 6'6" and weigh like 220, and pretty muscular/lean), if I could track down every single one of those bastards today I'd make them suffer beyond comprehension... It's not that I was picked on directly, but I saw others get f'ed with constantly and couldn't do a damn thing about it. I got into quite a few fights in highschool but I was respected because I was suicidal and always had weapons on me, like nunchuckus... I took martial arts for a number of years (Wing Chun, Aikido, Choy Lay Fut, and I studied Jeet Kune Do) but I still wasn't as confident as I should have been... I had to rough up quite a few wanna-be gang bager punks with nunchuckus on several occasions... Wow, I just sort of went off on a tangent there...

But yeah, I don't miss those tough wanna be assholes. When I see them today (The ones still in high school I do everything to offend and provoke them... They are all talk and get scared shitless when I'm standing in their face. I will never do anything unprovoked though... someone has to provoke me in some way, be it staring me down, or touching me... I'll never start it, but I'll always finish it.

Also, the iron fist rules of the school were terrible... at my highschool I got a 5 day suspension for saying the word "f4g", which was directed at my best friend... I got booted off the soccer team for that suspension btw, which in turn made my team fail terrible because I was the only good goal keeper... The 5 day suspension turned into a 10 day suspension when I showed up at a different school for a football game and the principal saw me... How the HELL was I supposed to know I wasn't supposed to go to ANOTHER school across town during my suspension at night time to watch a football game!?

So yeah. there's one of my rants for the night
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