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ORCA said:
Do you think you can post more info of the actual transaction? Like when/what you ordered, how long you've been waiting, etc? Have you tried calling?

Just curious form the standpoint of being a retailer.

Lol...that would make SENSE, and that is frowned upon, don'tcha know?

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i have tried three deffernt e maill addys for them, all bounce back.

i payed for a ak cleaning kit (stock item that fits into the stock)

been over a month and can not get through to them to even find out if shiped or what.

if any body can contact them, have them email me with a GOOD email addy.

i belive if you are in sales the first item for your job is to be able to talk to and recive info from your customers.

this is why i would rather just go some distance to a store were i can see and touch the items i plan to buy.
sure pay more for fuel and time...maybe even more for the item,
but at least i know i have it, or if a problem i know were to go to get the problem solved.

if any work comes back from them i will post said. but for now only can say bad about them.


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recived, but no email

packnrat said:
danger watch out if you plan on buying anything from arms of america.

i bought a item from them have not recived said,
and all emails come back as not deliverable.

well here it is wed sept 19and i recived a package in the mail.

i still can not get through there filters on the email program.

but the items i paid for have arived intact.

so i do remove my request to not buy from arms of america,
they did send the items to me,
i just hope the email problem gets fixed.

happy now.:)

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Why don't you edit the original post in this thread to reflect the fact that they lag, but you DID in fact get your product.

You shouldn't jump to conclusions about other businesses, you should rationally exhaust all pathways before jumping to an absolute.

So edit it, or I'll do it for you. :)
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