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Did you hear they let paris out of jail due to medical reasons?

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someone drew a penis on the bars and she broke her
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This Paris Hilton thing was from the start completely ridiculous.
There was even a campaign in to the Governator to get her a sentence reduction if not full pardon a month or two ago, now this crap.
Also what the hell kind of math do they use in CA? 3 days served equals five because she arrived just before midnight and left just after midnight...just like checking in and checking out of a damn Hilton hotel.

Ridiculous and a slap to the face of everyone who isn't a fortunate one.

- Janq

"Some folks are born silver spoon in hand, Lord, dont they help themselves, oh. But when the taxman comes to the door, Lord, the house looks like a rummage sale, yes. It aint me, it aint me, I aint no millionaires son, no. It aint me, it aint me; I aint no fortunate one, no." - CCR, 'Fortunate Son'

The DA said fuck that shit!
As per this mornings CNN the DA stated late yesterday that he feels the sherriffs dept. was wrong to release Paris and effectively disregard/renegotiate her sentencing which puts the sheriff in contempt of court (!). He filed some sort of paperwork and the decision by the sherriffs dept. is going to be reviewed in court this morning in about 2 hrs. CA time. The DA is pushing to send Paris back to jail to serve her term as she should just like any other citizen of far lesser means & notoriety.

For once somebody in CA seemingly has not lost their damn mind!

- Janq

CNN is discussing it right now.
She was supposed to be in court today but now it's been reported that she will not be in court but _phoning in_ her statements to the court. The reasoning is that it will be an inconveinience to the court with all the paprazzi and notoriety from her making an appearance (!).

- Janq

The judge got wind of this crap and is reportedly not happy.
He ordered the sherriffs dept. to go secure Paris and physically bring her narrow ass to court directly to appear.

- Janq
CNN just reported that she was taken away in cuffs in the back of a squad car and is being driven to court right now.
They showed a black & white speeding away from her home with a throng of paprazzi literally running behind it track meet style with camera in hand trying to snap photos.

Also they are now saying on CNN that the 45 days she was assigned was the maximum and as based on the majority of cases is practically never assigned to anyone for same situations. They had some legal guy on saying that very much the norm is a 3 to 5 day jail sentence with 2 or 3 days served flowed by home arrest with the ankle alarm action. He said that the sherriffs dept. followed normal, average, and is his opinion correct procedure but that the judge is being extraordinarilly harsh on Paris _because_ she is a celebrity and that if she were an average Jane Citizen she'd have most likely not seen a day in jail and if so ti would have been an average 72 hr. stay.

So here we go once again California is spanglish for 'Crazy people'.
I should have known that there would be some crap ass crap going on. :\

Oh and reports indicate Paris was suffering from some sort of jail related/induced rash (an allergey to jail?) along with in just 48 hrs. going from fine & sane to being on the edge of a mental breakdown as per the opinion of a psychiatrist hired by her attorney to review her in relation to a lawsuit that is ongoing against her current to which she was due to appear in court on the same day that she was actually in jail.

- Janq
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The hearing was held and the judge remanded her back to jail to finish out and serve everyone of her 23 days.
CNN reported that she was removed by guards from the court screaming & crying.

- Janq

I too was like WTF?!
But thats what the legal beagle from CA stated today on CNN.

Personally I say throw some Ds on that bitch, and then toss her 93lb. DWI ass under the jail. 45 days of ducking Big Bertha and Queen Latifah should cure her of wanting to drink/drug and drive on public roads.

- Janq
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