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Did a little experement tonight...

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I went to the range with my Glock 17 and Glock 21. The Glock 17 has an M6 light/laser combo, and the G21 is stock. I asked for the long range, which is 50 yards at the very end.

A lot of people don't like lasers, for what reason, I do not know. I wanted to see how accurate you can be with a laser at 50 yards. It's not often that you'd shoot someone at 50 yards, because thats really damn far away. Anyway, I took some pics of my targets and I was surprised. I thought I'd nail the target with great groupings with the laser, and didn't expect to hit the target much at 50 yards with the standard sights. So lets see.

Here is the Glock 17 with the laser at 50 yards: 17 rounds.

This is the glock 21 (45ACP) at 50 yards. (Remember, my groupings are like that because 50 yards is FAAAR for a pistol).

My conclusion is:

A laser is a great tool for picking targets off at a far distance, but your not any better than the stock sights. THE ONLY great thing about a laser is "point and shoot". Target aqisition is great as well. The whole point and shoot thing is great because if two people break into my house, I have can the laser on guy, and my eyes on the other.

That is all.
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Kilbe and I were shooting at 100 yards with our pistols and suprisingly hitting the target oer half the time. Grouping were shite but that was impressive sinve it was close to a torso sized target.

Funny thing is my Walther p38 did better tham my steyr most of the time.
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