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decided not to totally abandon glock

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well after much consideration and testing

i decided not to abandon the glock platform - after all its not glocks fault i let the glockmiester talk me into modding my g27 thus creating realibility issues

i was also kickin the idea around about changin calibers - but that will have to wait i believe

in feb when i re-up my range pass and get another 10% discount coupon the plan is to pick up a g23 with n/s hopefully with high cap mags

before then i want to get a comptac gurkha and tac light / mag combo holder

then i will explore the .45 or 10mm - the only issue with 10mm is the lack of ammo manufactures
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brucelee said:
My friend Ryan (ish) from this board can vouch for it.

Calling that gun dirty would be an understatement
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