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Damn Websense!

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It blocks all other gun forums and stores here at work but gunatics still works. Fuck you Websense!!! :evil:
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ummm yeah...thats what you get for surfing at work DUH LOL :laugh:
Haha! Good old gunatics. Here when you need it. :D
Aw come on,Big Brother's just trying to protect your purity!

Better to have Gunatics and not need it than to need Gunatics and not have it !

Still, don't you feel a bit safer knowing that you are protected from all those evil gun sites online? Thanks a bundle Websense for ensuring our purity and protecting us from evil!!! You're like the nanny I never had...

[/sarcasm OFF before I get peppered with buckshot :shock:]

Filthy Rich :twisted:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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