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CZ-52 or tokarev

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I want a truck handgungun something in 7.62X25, I now have a new found love this round and have a place to get some... Special ammo for it.

Anyone ever deal with the CZ-52 or Tokarev or any other low cost weapon in this round?

I know there big ass, ugly as hell and heavy as a brick, but man its like a cannon at the range!
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I love the tokarev, it like a 1911 inside, with a mauser trigger. The CZ-52 is not the choice, they arent as strong.

From the net "Clark" also blew up 2-3 cz52's with loads that his toks ate up. He says the brl is to thin around the chamber of the cz52. He even converts Toks to fire 9x23, thats like .357 mag.

Tok all the way, the feel better in the hand, are better made, look comparison.
Yeah, im going to be burning up some cheap ass ammo so I want a good strong gun. Thanks

I dont know much about these guns because I have never looked into them till my boss started saying he has one of each he wants to get rid of.
The weakness in the Tok is the swinging link. The CZ52 is technically stronger if the metal is good. They used to convert them to 9mm all the time. Id like to see a 38 super one.
cz52 will nvr be strong as a tok, the brl around chamber is to thin, esp at bottom, this is the area prone to cracks.

and the cz52 feels like crap in the hand, its grip sux.

BTW I love CZ just not that 52.
Anyone that knows anything about them tell me what yall think.



I dont care, I think there both ugly as sin. I want a powerfull pistol that fires cheap ammo and works well.
I have a 52... Picked it up just to have

Id go 52 but that is just me :)

Id also look at replacing the firing pin and rollers with aftermarket ones...
My Tok is chinese 9mm, its accurate, really accurate, has a really thick brl. I let my brother use it for home defense. I trust it enough to give to a family member for protection of a family! Its a warhorse.

The trigger pack just slides out so it makes cleaning up the frame good, really easy.

Its a 100 year old design, but Zastiva makes new models in 9 and 7.62 that look very cool. Not sure if they r for sale here yet.

Who knew you could make that gun so purdy!
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Good read, thanks il go with a Tok lol.
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