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Ok guys - created another thread for the on going review -

here are the pics:

so i have carried the Hammond ABC for 2 days now and i am pretty impressed with it

the boker - well i didnt think it was going to be as BIG as it actually is, so it will be reserved for the tact rig

the ABC is light, easily deployed and sharp as hell

the sheath is a little bulky, but its completely functional and easily hidden under an untucked shirt and completely invisible as a boot knife

the only thing i didnt like is the my wilderness belt is a little too thick to be easily sandwiched between the belt portion of the set up, no worries the clip part works flawlessly and makes for quick on and off!
i also think the handle could be a little longer - but we will see how it works out with a little more usage

the boker plus is truly massive, felt a little like crocodile dundee "this is a knife" when i held it for the first time
it feels like a mini machete and will definately do whatever you set it in motion to do
sharp bastard too
its also relatively light for a field knife which is a big bonus

look for update several months from now after i actually get to use the knives in coming daily activities

regardless of where they were manufactured, they are made with good steel and other top materials

ok here are my little girly hands holdin each of the pokers:

as you can see the ABC is really small yet packs a big punch
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