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Picked up a Stoeger Cougar in 40 S&W. Wanted a 9mm but they were sold out at the time. Will give a range report when the 4 feet o snow on the ground melts enough to make it to the outdoor range.
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samit said:
damn you!

Hey you got a new toy on the way as of tomorrow you can rub in my face.
I have the old model with the not as nice grip. But its close enough.

As for the cant buy them yet, but I imagine ti wont be long. Hell in the manual it has ones in 45acp and 357 sig listed as well so if they sell well they will be expanding the line.
Beretta owns a ton of companies.

Franchi, Beretta, Stoeger, Uberti, Sako/Tikka, Benelli, and 1/3 of Fabrique National who owns Winchester and Browning.

Scary as hell to think that Beretta has their hands in so many pies.
Beretta isnt that bad of a manufacturer........Beretta USA is. I have never seen a quality issue with the Italian guns, but Beretta USA made guns are inferior in the fit and finish and seem to break locking blocks alot more than they should.

Now some early M9s that were imports did bust.....but you can thank the French for that since they made the slides for Beretta while the USA plant was tooling up in order to fill the government contract.
Im taking it to the range tomorrow. The 3 feet of snow is almost gone so the outdoor range should be wide open again. Im also taking the Wifes CZ40B out to test it so I will let you all know. From my looking at the Stoeger the only thing I can remark on is the slide to frame fit is a little on the open side. But given the rotating locking system, a tight slide to frame fit does not affect accuracy. I think its a defense pistol so open cleareances make a more dependable gun..kind of like how Glocks tend to run sloppier than some other makers. But do they ever jam? Rarely. I may not like the feel of some Glocks but if R Lee Ermey endorses and carries one.........that is enough for me.
Makarov said:
I think Ermey is the man, but I still don't like Glocks. Your opinion is still wanted.

Like em or cant argue that they are not a very reliable and pragmatic design.
Worked gloriously at the range today. Accurate with milder 9mm like recoil thanks to the rotating barrel locking. Put 50 rounds through it and 50 through my wifes CZ40B with only one problem with the cougar....the 10rd mag only holds 8.
Well when the US Military adopted the M9, the Govt stipulated that they be made in the US (US Govt never liked using fireign weapons) and the M9s made here as well as about any Beretta made in Maryland is inferior to the same gun made in Italy. What was even worse was the until the US factory got up to speed, Beretta contracted out slides to be made in France....those are the ones that busted and had slides separate from the gun.

Luckily the Cougar was never made in the US factory, and from what I hear niether will the Px4 since they moved the Cougar line to make room for teh Px4 line.

I didi put some Beretta grips on the Stoger though since the checkering seems to be more aggressive on them. Otherwise for a MSRP of 350 bucks vs 600+ for the last Italian Cougar can you go wrong? A much better Turkish gun than the Armalite series and at a fraction of the cost.
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