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Some of the air-soft guns look pretty sweet. I've seen people convert them to stocks for .22 cal rifles. I am just wondering what the best airsoft gun for this type of mod is. Any suggestions? Preferably, it should be rather modern looking and pretty durable.


EDIT: I know there is an airsoft forum, but I didn't know which place to put this since it deals with both airsoft and rifles.

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ORCA said:
Yeah don't place this in the airsoft forum. PLEASE!!!

I'm sure anything can be done with a dremel and time, but I've never heard of this being done. Nor do I condone or want to get involved with this any more then this post...

I guess my main question is, would you trust a stock made by a toy company on a real firearm?

Well the early M16s had furniture by Mattell so its not unheard of.......but the m16 in those years sucked more than a 2 Euro French prostitute.
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