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Concealed Carry of a Taser

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For numerous reasons, firearm ownership is not an option in my situation. For self and home defense, my weapon of choice had been a 31" ASP baton, until I moved to state where civilian ownership is illeagal. At that point, I switched to pepper spray, which, while reasonably effective, lacks the deterent effect that the sound of a deploying ASP has.

After seeing their effectiveness in the hands of our local PD, I've become enamoured with the idea of carrying an x26 Taser for personal defence. While the Taser itself is reasonably compact, every holster I've seen for them is a HUGE duty-style rig. Has anyone seen a CCW style holster for the M/X26, preferably in an IWB configuration? Alternatively, can any of y'all recommend a "universal" concealment holster that may fit the bill?

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Safariland 6281. It's not deep concealment, but it's a high ride belt holster with a rotating security hood. With a bit of practice, it's a VERY fast draw.

Safariland's Will Fit guide has Tasers on page 6 (PDF):

Most of them are duty holsters, but dig around.

It appears that Taser also makes a civilian holster and includes it with the x26c civilian model. Or you can buy it separately for $49.95.

More holsters are here, including "skeletonized" duty holsters that may or may not apply to your situation. Go to page 2 and 3 of the web store:
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MrMcCrackin said:
maybe call up Comp-Tac and see if they will make one for you

if you are ok with kydex that is:
They have a wicked good reputation for comfort, quality and customer service. Definitely worth a try.
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