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Con Job

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Wow, what the hell? Staged his own death to get a $75 rifle!? At least stage your death for a $10,000 rifle! what a n00b!

Pretty sorry how low people will go.
Yeah that whole thing is a huge mess.
It reminds me of that 'Ted' kid from MAIC back in '04 that went to a big get together we had then later hooked in with a member to sell him some parts.
The kid stupidly took 'Ted' at his word and paid him via check up front expecting for stuff to be delivered later. It never came...and then MAIC got ghetto and inspector gadgetized the kid down to his momz house and some more shit. It was bananas and he too was discovered to be totally false.

Internets happens and crazy people have it.

- Janq
Before we get too far into this thread here's the ATF website for checking if a FFL is valid. Though I'm not sure if this covers C&R as well. But it's a start
Wow, what a waste! and all for what? I sure hope nothing like that ever happens here. :oops:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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