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Compact Pistol Recommendations

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There's been a bit of a sea change, and I'm looking at purchasing my first pistol in the near future. My "wish list" features are:
* Traditional SA/DA with external hammer and safety
* Polymer Frame
* Chambered in 9x19
* Compact/subcompact size (9-10cm barrel)
* Price tag $800ish or less
* Not a Sig or a GLOCK

So far the contenders are the Beretta 9000, the Beretta Px4 Storm, and the H&K P2000SK and the Magnum Research Baby Eagle. I'm also considering the Walter P99(c) because, though they are striker-fired, they are far and away the most comfortable guns I've ever fired.

Are there any weapons I'm overlooking in my search?

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I second both the comments on thd Kahr & Beretta 9000. The Beretta does not feel right in my hand. Too chunky. It feels awkward to me. I'm sure it is a fine shooter but you should lay hands on it first & see if it feels comfortable to you.

Here are a couple reviews on the Kahr -

Kahr PM9

Kahr P9

Kahr must be doing something right. They bought Auto-Ordnance outright awhile back. Full disclosure though, I do not own a Kahr. I bought a used ITM AT-84 as my main 9mm awhile back. It meets none of your selection criteria.
Hans said:
I actually like the handling of the 9000, and despite its short barrel, it shoots pretty straight for me.
Handguns, like any long term physical relationship, are best tried out before making the commitment.

1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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