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This guide is based on a very old manual dating back to a training guide distributed to grunts during WWII.
The entire manual is a _alot_ of reading so be warned this is not for people who don't like riding although there are pictures inclusive.
I have a hard copy of this and have been studying it over and over for nearly two years now since first learning of it and I still am learning stuff. Everyone newbie or not should have this bookmarked at the very least...

Field Manual 23-35 - Combat Training with Pistols and Revolvers

This manual provides guidance on the operation and marksmanship of the pistol, M9, 9-mm; pistol, M1911A1, caliber .45; and the revolver, caliber .38. It is a guide for the instructor to develop training programs, plans, and lessons that meet the objectives of the United States Army Marksmanship Program for developing combat effective marksmen.
This manual and very much more can be found at

- Janq

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196 Posts rocks the casbah (Sp?). I've spent hours reading at that damn site. It's funny, cause if you go to either my or sites I've always had field manual 23-35 listed under 'favorite books.' :twisted:

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